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posted by [personal profile] syribo at 03:07pm on 24/11/2004
My journal is now Friends-Only.. so if you want in on the madness, or randomness.. just comment and I'll add you back :P

Or you can just add me.. and I'll add you back anyway.

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posted by [identity profile] at 01:02am on 01/12/2004
hey mako-chan add me kk?
posted by [identity profile] at 12:42am on 26/12/2004
add me?
posted by [identity profile] at 06:10pm on 26/12/2004
added :D
posted by [identity profile] at 10:36pm on 19/01/2005
I stumbled on your journal while I was browsing interest section. I read your profile and you seem interesting and fun from reading what you wrote. If you don't mind I would like to add you to my friends list so we can get to know each other better. I would like for you to add me back. Oh yeah here is a little about myself. I am Yumi and I am japanes and phillipines mixed. I love jrock, jpop,manga,anime, and sailor moon I am 18 yrs of age. You can read a litte more about me in my journal if you like.
posted by [identity profile] at 09:38pm on 21/01/2005
i'd like to be added please Mako-chan
posted by [identity profile] at 05:47pm on 22/01/2005
Image (
we would love to have you at [ profile] telegraph__
posted by [identity profile] at 03:03pm on 04/02/2005
don't u mind if I add u? U seem to me an interesting person to read...


posted by [identity profile] at 11:28pm on 21/02/2005
I was hopping around livejournal and came upon your site. I'm a big video game and animé fan myself. And it's true: Jupiter is the best (and hottest!). Just thought it'd be fun to have correspondence and be friends.
posted by [identity profile] at 12:11am on 26/02/2005

I'm from the Tama forums. You're cool and I wanna add you :0! Add me? ^^;
posted by [identity profile] at 06:24am on 11/03/2005
I want in! I love your icons and Jupiter is my fave inner.

'Sides, its allways good to have friends.
posted by [identity profile] at 04:56am on 12/03/2005
Allo makochan xD
I've seen you around a bunch of SM communities and came across your journal.
So in the spirit of randomness...
I add you o:
posted by [identity profile] at 12:50am on 18/03/2005
Hi, I saw this thru Chrissies journal. You seem cool, so can i add u? ^_^
posted by [identity profile] at 06:02pm on 18/03/2005
Added ya :D
posted by [identity profile] at 03:15am on 24/03/2005
You're amusing. I'm amusing. Let's hug... or be friends?
posted by [identity profile] at 04:47pm on 28/03/2005
lets be friends!!!!!!!!

wait, ive been your friend for 6 years, DUH ^^;;

i see you have like a million comments, geez, it seems you're quite popular....ANYWAYZ..I got that test back for Business Writing, and i got an 84 YAY FOR CHEATING !!!
posted by [identity profile] at 09:15pm on 03/04/2005
*gaspeth* you like Legend of Dragoon *boes to you*
friends? :3
posted by [identity profile] at 12:57am on 04/04/2005
Legend of Dragoon rocks :D :D

I added ya back :D
posted by [identity profile] at 12:48am on 04/04/2005
Can I be added? I <3 sailor jupiter. :) I love your layout btw.
posted by [identity profile] at 12:58am on 04/04/2005
Added ya :D
posted by [identity profile] at 04:19am on 10/04/2005
Sorry, was troll hunting and one of them ripped off yer journal, so I clicked the link. I just wanted to comment on the very pretty Makoto picture in yer layout. Very awesome, did you draw it, or do you know who did? It's very pretty, and I was just curious if they had a gallery is all. It's always nice to see really good fanart, that doesn't try to duplicate, but more copy in their own style. I'm blabbering, sorry!
posted by (anonymous) at 10:41pm on 26/07/2005
you ass kisser.
posted by [identity profile] at 07:45pm on 15/04/2005
I'm Studmaster/SilverPhoenix. I am on a lot of your friend's lists, including DJRanmaS. I'm adding you cause I've been meaning to do that for a while, and I would like to meet you at a convention or some other event.

Also, I think you make a great Princess Jupiter. *kisses hand*
posted by [identity profile] at 08:54pm on 15/04/2005
Wow.. thank you so much ^^ I added you back :D Please to meet you!
posted by [identity profile] at 04:36pm on 17/04/2005
Hello Mako-chan I would like to be added i am a friend of Luna kou aka gothicanime. I love Sailor Moon and am starting to get into cosplay myself. I hope we can become friends. I added you!
posted by [identity profile] at 03:28am on 18/04/2005
Mako/Jupiter cosplayers gotta stick together. :p


posted by [identity profile] at 06:46am on 18/04/2005
So I am one of those shy quite types... then you get to know me and realize that I am outspoken. Whether it be the fear of rejection or the shyness, I have yet to add or ask to add you to my friend's list.

We share several common interests and several mutual LJ friends... and from the photos I have seen... you make QUITE the Mako-chan!! ^.^

So, I am branching out... adn overcoming the fear (LOL, I sound so corny!!) and dropping you a omment, mind if I add you?

posted by [identity profile] at 06:47am on 18/04/2005
and OMGOD! You like Nip/Tuck!! *cheer*

posted by [identity profile] at 10:19pm on 20/04/2005
Hey MakoChan i came across your journal through Michi's and Rei-chan's journal. Makoto is my fav inner. I love your icons btw! Please add me!
We gots lots in common!

posted by [identity profile] at 03:44pm on 21/06/2005
I saw yoru heartwarming story in [ profile] kittypix and I would love to add you. :D
posted by [identity profile] at 10:26pm on 21/06/2005
Awww thanks!! I will add you too!! :)
posted by [identity profile] at 03:24pm on 08/07/2005
Hi! ^^/ I just got a livejournal and I'd really like to add you because you seem quite cool ^__^v So, can I, and would you please add me back? ^^'
posted by [identity profile] at 08:02pm on 19/07/2005
Hey there. I wanted to tell you that i added you. I hope thats alright with you, i have only heard nice things from you from everyones LJ's. Add me back please?
posted by [identity profile] at 10:40pm on 26/07/2005
oooh! add me i love you!
you are sooo cool
add me add me add me
There are 162 comments over 5 pages. (Reply.)
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